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Written on the Land: Ute Voices, Ute History

History Colorado Center
Denver, CO

Bringing the rich cultural history of the Ute Indian tribes to a new, Denver-based exhibit.

In 2018, EDX worked with History Colorado to design Written on the Land: Ute Voices, Ute History—based on permanent exhibits at the Ute Indian history Museum in Montrose, CO. The exhibit tells the story of the contemporary Ute peoples’ connections to the Rocky Mountains through hundreds of artifacts and interactive exhibit elements. The exhibit space in Denver encompasses 3,400 square feet. New elements include an atrium exhibit, expanded entry exhibit, STEM interactive stations, gathering space for field trip student groups, and information on local Denver content.

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Burke Museum – Wild Nearby

Burke Museum of Natural History
Seattle, WA

Experience the wild nearby. Empowering new explorers to discover the North Cascades.

This temporary exhibit for the Burke Museum highlighted the ways that the North Cascades ecosystem is constantly changing. In Wild Nearby, visitors are empowered to explore the natural world through the lens of recent research of the North Cascades.

Stunning photography by local artists and a re-created North Cascades fire lookout—created by a local artist—were highlights of the exhibit. Iconic park scenes defined exhibit theme areas while discoverable elements placed throughout the exhibits engaged visitors.

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East by Northwest: Ethiopian Journeys to the Northwest

Northwest African American Museum
Seattle, WA

Exploring the experiences of Seattle’s Ethiopian immigrant community.

In recent decades, the Pacific Northwest has welcomed a growing community of immigrants from East African countries such as Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, and Sudan. East by Northwest: Ethiopian Journeys to the Northwest, is an exploration of the experiences of Ethiopian immigrants in Seattle. EDX and the museum worked with members of this community over several months to learn their stories and understand their evolving identity. The exhibits were designed to reflect how community members wished to tell their stories and communicate their culture to museum visitors.

EDX has a decade-long relationship with the Northwest African American Museum (NAAM), and has designed more than a dozen exhibits for the museum.

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Seattle Black Panther Party—Serving the people, 1968-1977

Northwest African American Museum
Seattle, WA

A movement for the people, by the people. The impact of the Seattle Chapter of the Black Panther Party.

In 2018, EDX designed Seattle Black Panther Party—Serving the People, 1968-1977 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the party. The exhibit highlights the history of the movement, while focussing on one of the longest-running chapters in the nation, the Seattle party. Visitors can explore the stories of members and allies determined to bring power and agency to black communities in the Seattle area and beyond. Photographs, posters, and artifacts help contextualize the movement and shed light on the 1960s: a decade marked by national tragedies, civil disobedience, violence, and a growing sense of urgency to end suffering caused by racism and oppression.

EDX has a decade-long ongoing relationship with the Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) and has designed more than a dozen exhibits for the museum, including both temporary and permanent.

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What’s Your Story?

History Colorado Center
Denver, CO

Inspiring individuals to make an impact through an exploration of Colorado’s unique leaders throughout history.

This exhibit looks to Colorado’s leaders—both past and present—in philanthropy, civic engagement, and entrepreneurship. Highlighting challenges and opportunities that are specific to the unique character of Colorado, exhibits explore positive impacts of Coloradans on their communities in the face of challenges. Through interactive kiosks, wall graphics, artifact displays, and AV multimedia activities, this exhibit engages visitors by asking how they too can make positive impacts in their own communities.

Ute Indian Museum

Montrose, CO

An immersive tour through the pivotal places—and stories—of Colorado’s longest continuous residents.

The Ute Indian Museum tells the contemporary story of todayʻs Ute peoples through connections to their Rocky Mountain homeland. In the exhibit, Our History is Written on the Land, visitors take in hundreds of artifacts, gaze on iconic landscapes, put the steps of hide-tanning in the correct sequence, dress a Ute horse, and marvel at modern regalia for the generations-old Bear Dance. The exhibit design process involved close collaboration with History Colorado staff and Ute tribal representatives.

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Photographs by Will Austin.

‘Iolani Palace

Honolulu, Hawaii

Highlighting the innovation and resilience of native Hawaiian culture.

As Hawaii was threatened by imperialist forces in the late 19th century, King Kalakaua built ‘Iolani Palace as a symbol of Hawaii’s sovereign role in the world. EDX first created a Concept Design of 4,000 sf of new exhibits on the Palace’s gallery level, integrating them with an existing Palace tour and introductory movie. As we begin Design Development, EDX will continue to work closely with an advisory group of native Hawaiians assuring that exhibits tell an accurate and unflinching story of the turbulent years of history represented by the Palace—while celebrating the resurgence of traditional Hawaiian culture.