National scale, personal feel.

A memorable experience that tells a captivating story. It’s our ongoing pursuit at EDX, a collaborative of 2d- and 3d designers, writers, strategists, and planners based in Seattle, Washington. We help museums, organizations, businesses, and parks to engage thousands each year, from the fjords of Alaska to Puerto Rico’s historic forts, inspiring people from all walks of life to connect with the story and place.

At EDX, broad-minded creativity and interpretive strategies are closely aligned. Our practice weaves together design contributions across disciplines and media to create seamless, multi-sensory experiences. Our finished projects connect with audiences in a direct and personal way, creating environments where curiosity is rewarded and learning happens naturally.

Our capabilities

  • Interpretive planning
  • Exhibit design
  • Graphic design
  • Environmental design
  • Museum master planning
  • Interpretive content
  • Signage and Wayfinding

Our Process: Listen. Collaborate. Create. Repeat.

Collaboration is central to our process. We guide you through our approach and work to build the relationship, whether it’s our first project together or our tenth. Together, we dig deeply into your organization, your audience, and your expectations and goals. More than getting to know you, it’s about using your expertise as a launch pad for our own.

Through brainstorming charettes, we exchange ideas and widen the possibilities. This multi-day process engages our clients and team in hands-on activities to explore the spectrum of options. The results are shared and discussed, and the most successful ideas move to the next phase. Once the vision is in place, we bring together the disciplines that can give it full expression: architecture, interpretive planning, exhibit design, graphic design, interactive media, and others.

Our aim is a complete and fully realized experience. One that reflects your audience as well as your budget and project goals. When all the pieces are aligned, the impact is extraordinary.