Big Bend Rio Grande Village

Culture / Outdoor / Planning / Visitor Center

Big Bend National Park, TX

Highlighting river ecology and international cooperation to preserve unique natural resources.

The Rio Grande Village Visitor Center sits on the edge of the river whose dramatic bend gives Big Bend National Park its name. This is a premier spot for birding and other wildlife sightings, and it is also a unique point of cultural reflection. EDX designed exhibits that highlight the ongoing efforts between the US and Mexico to preserve this stunning and complex landscape. Outdoor orientation exhibits and plaza elements are designed to serve visitors year-round, enhancing their understanding of the Rio’s bustling ecosystem.

EDX has designed five additional visitor centers at Big Bend National Park. They include: Magdalena House Visitor Center, focused on cultural history along the border between US and Mexico; Chisos Basin Visitor Center, highlighting the diversity of animals and habitats in the park; Persimmon Gap Visitor Center, orienting new visitors to the park; Panther Junction Visitor Center, interpreting the natural history of the mountains, river, and desert; and Fossil Discovery Exhibit, a unique open-air, sustainable facility, that interprets the park’s rich paleontological history.