Wind Cave National Park Visitor Center

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Hot Springs, SD

Stories of rich cultures and a complex ecosystem link worlds, above and below ground.

Wind Cave National Park, located in southwestern South Dakota, is the country’s eighth national park. Originally designated to protect the cave, the park now also protects one of the largest remaining mixed-grass prairies in the Black Hills. The cave is an extensive, complex network that includes miles of underground passageways interconnected in a tangled knot and connected to the above-ground world in surprising ways. Prairie wildlife include bison, elk, pronghorn, deer, mountain lion, prairie dog, and the endangered black-footed ferret.

EDX-designed exhibits shed light on the geology of the cave, its cultural significance to the Lakota and other American Indian tribes, the rich natural environment, and the ways in which these stories are intricately connected—above and below ground. The exhibits provide ADA-compliant experiences for all visitors. Oral histories and traditions from American Indian tribes educate visitors on the important cultural significance of Wind Cave to different peoples.