Kenai Fjords National Park


Seward, AK

Envisioning the future of a park and its glacial landscape.

At Kenai Fjords, EDX was tasked with creating a realistic ten-year interpretive plan for one of Alaska’s most accessible national parks. In this stunning setting, visitors can come face to face with a receding glacier and spot whales and seabirds on boat tours of the fjords. But despite these exciting experiences, the park lacked a dynamic central hub in the city of Seward. EDX created a plan that jointly addresses plans in progress for a large-scale visitor center, as well as ways to better use a current information center in Seward’s downtown.

To highlight the relevance of this park to issues such as climate change, EDX worked with park staff and stakeholders to refine the interpretive themes around the park’s significant features.

By helping Kenai Fjords develop broad and specific goals for the next ten years, EDX established a clear path to fulfilling the potential of one of the state’s great parks.